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Photo: Dale Rosengarten

Maymester Study Abroad – 2023

Offered in the College of Charleston Maymester, Tracing the Holocaust: Poland, Germany, The Netherlands takes students to a part of the world where Nazi Germany carried out the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” under the cover of World War II. Poland was home to some three-and-a-half million Jews, 90 percent of whom died in the genocide we call the Holocaust. Another two million Jews from every corner of Europe were transported to extermination centers such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Chelmno— three places the course visits in Poland.

In Krakow and Warsaw, students tour former Jewish quarters, visit museums, synagogues, and churches, and hold joint classes with Polish students. In Berlin and Amsterdam, our course tours the old Jewish neighborhoods, assesses the meaning and impact of memorials to the dead and reminders to the living, and samples the dynamic night life of the cities.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin 2013. Photo: CGibbs

With Berlin as a focal point, we will visit out-of-the-way sites such as the Ravensbrück and Buchenwald concentration camps which give us new windows into the history of the Holocaust. In Amsterdam, students will take part in a day of seminars at the Anne Frank House focusing on the experiences of Dutch Jews under Nazi rule (the Jewish people of Holland suffered the highest rate of death of any Western Jews). In addition, we will explore the city’s surprising Afro-Dutch heritage. At every stop, our course investigates how the Holocaust is remembered and forgotten, and how young Poles, Germans, and Dutch people come to grips with this troubling past. 


Ted Rosengarten, Dale Rosengarten, Chad Gibbs, and Ashley Walters

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The Zucker/Goldberg Center for Holocaust Studies has scholarship funds available to support student participation in the Maymester “Tracing the Holocaust” course and other study abroad opportunities focused on the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights. 

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